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Poster for Skin and Liars

Welcome! Here's the latest:

I've been working on a wide range of projects, including feature film adaptations of two great novels:

Rockbound, Frank Parker Day's classic about fisherman on Nova Scotia's south coast. Oliver Schmitz, who directed Life Above All is slated to direct.

Indian Horse, Richard Wagamese's award winning story about the residential schools that ravaged Canada's aboriginal communities.

Both of these books are small masterpieces—I'm honored to be working on them.

I have a movie that was just greenlit by CBC. It's still early days but with any luck (and in the film business you need a lot of it) I'll be able to share some news about it in the near future.

Time Tremors has been nominated for an International Digital Emmy and the half-hour pilot that I wrote with Elizabeth Dancoes is nominated for a WGC award. It's a multi-platform kids drama series and interactive game we created with the cyber gods at Xenophile Media. You can watch it on CBC and play it on an app. Check it out:

On the theatre front, LIARS is being performed again by the Children's Theatre of Charlotte, and the play is getting its German Language premiere (as Lügner) at Theater Dortmund. Cincinnati Playhouse has been touring The Short Tree in Ohio, and New Canadian Kid is all over the place. And check out Playwrights Canada Press's new edition of Skin and LIARS!